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How to Earn $3,000+ A Month Writing Grants

A Free training to help you become a Grant Writing Boss

Date - January 31, 2023;

Time - 7pm-8pm (WAT)

Venue - 100% Online

Grant Writing is one of the best kept secrets in the world and we will be letting you in on how you can become a Pro in it and start earning like a boss from all over the world.

It is going to be explosive!

But first, let me know if this is you:


  • You are a business owner looking to attract and win funds for your business?

  • You will like to activate a guaranteed lucrative source of income?

  • You are looking to start a Career that you can earn over $30,000 (N18million) every year?

If this is you, then I am happy to invite you to the free training on Earning like a Boss with Grant Writing.

In this FREE training you will learn the following:

A) For your Business, NGO and Startup:

  1. What is a Grant?

  2. Who needs it and why?

  3. Various niches - Business, Startup, Students, NGOs

  4. Basic Segment of every Grant Proposal and how to write it

  5. How and where to find funders

  6. How to write winning Grants

B) To Start Writing Grants as a Career/Business:

  1. How much can I earn as a Grant Writer?

  2. What skill set do I need to have?

  3. Getting Clients (with or without experience)

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Presented by Ezinne Nwokafor,
Founder & CEO at Funding Square.

Ezinne is an experienced business banker, funding Coach and a certified Business Consultant. She has over 10 years experience on funding for SMEs and NGOs. Here is her Grant Writing Story:

"I began my journey in Grant writing without the requisite knowledge or  training over 8 years ago. I made a LOT of mistakes along the way until I mastered the art of writing Grants that get funded. Right now, I have 80% success rate in the Grants I write for Clients across Africa.

Over the years, with Grant Writing  as a Side business, I have applied for r and assisted my Clients win over $1million. I have equally won 3 different Grants for my personal businesses.

Join Ezinne in this free training as she shares her experiences, failures and what took her over 6 years to master."

In this Free Masterclass you will discover

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