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Unlock Free Money for your Business in 2023

A Free training to help you discover how to find, write and win Grants for your business, as well as, access a world of opprotunities.

In this FREE training you will learn the following:

  • Get clarity on what Grants are and what they are not

  • Understand different types of Grants

  • Discover why Grants are a game changer for your business

  • How to find Grants that fit your business

  • Top 5 Mistakes business owners make when applying for Grants

  • Insider tips to writing winning Grant Proposals

  • 7 Red flags for Funders in your Proposal

  • The 5 ways you can turn Grant Writing Skills into money and earn from anywhere in the world

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Presented by Ezinne Nwokafor,
Founder & CEO at Funding Square.

Ezinne is an experienced business banker, funding Coach and a certified Business Consultant. She has over 10 years experience on funding for SMEs and NGOs. Here is her Grant Writing Story:

"I began my journey in Grant writing without the requisite knowledge or  training over 8 years ago. I made a LOT of mistakes along the way until I mastered the art of writing Grants that get funded. Right now, I have 80% success rate in the Grants I write for Clients across Africa.

Over the years, with Grant Writing  as a Side business, I have applied for r and assisted my Clients win over $1million. I have equally won 3 different Grants for my personal businesses.

Join Ezinne in this free training as she shares her experiences, failures and what took her over 6 years to master."

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