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Fully Funded

(July 01 - September 30, 2023)

Join the Challenge

On your marks, get set, ready, Go...

This is the only Challenge on the planet where the only goal is to raise $20,000 and above in 90 days!!

This is a bold statement but I will be showing you exactly how you will achieve this and not only that, you will be pushed to achieve your goals.

The target may look too much, but everyone ihtta joins the Challenge will be equipped to achieve it.

You see, earlier in 2023, I launched the Funding Readiness Workshop for 5 days where I showed passionate Entrepreneurs how to raise funds and get their businesses ready for funding. 

Everyone that attended gave powerful testimonials. At the end of the Workshop, everyone hade their Funding Plan ready and excited to achieve their dreams.

But there was a problem.

After a couple of months, I reached out to some of them, only to find out that they where still struggling to raise funds and the problem became obvious to me -
Lack of Execution. 

Yes, they had the funding plan.
Yes, they had been equipped.
Yes, they left the Workshop fully confident to meet their goals.

....but with no push and guide, they struggled to get it off the ground.

This led me back to the drawing board and gave birth to the Fully Funded Challenge - A Challenge dedicated to showing you various ways you can raise funding without depending on external financing, with a catch.....

A complete 90 days Accountability and Push Challenge where you will be guided, mentored, taught to achieve your target.

I am ready for this Challenge!

But first, let me know if this you. You are a CEO/Founder and:

1) You are tired of having dreams/projects with no clear idea how to fund it. 

2) You have started your business, it's gradually picking up speed, but you are struggling to raise funding to take it to the next level.

3) You need absolute clarity and direction on how to fund your business goals and growth. 

4) You have finally shut down your business because there are no more funds to keep it going.

5) You keep applying for external funding like Grants, some investments with little or no success. In fact, it's like they have specific people they give these funds to.....

6) You run a good business but you have been stuck at the same spot for a while and you are looking for funds to help you expand

If this sounds like you, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. In fact, this is the single most important decision you are going to be making this year!!

I am ready to accept the Challenge

What is the Fully Funded Challenge all about?

The Fully Funded Challenge is focused solely on helping participant raise more than $20,000 (N10million) without depending heavily on external loans, grants or investments.

Those in the Challenge will be equipped to take control of their funding 100%. 

This is a 90 days Challenge that will take you through understanding what self-funding (aka Bootstrapping) is all about, the various funding options available to you and then an accountability and Push Challenge to guide you to raise the funds.

One of the things I love about self-funding is that while trying to do it, you are indirectly helping your business to grow. You will be forced to put the right structures in your business.

In this Challenge, you will learn 20 different Guaranteed ways to raise funds for your business and you will choose the ones to activate and accomplish in 90 days!!

One thing is certain, if you apply everything you will be shown in the Challenge, you will raise the funds you need for your business.

This is not business as usual and it's only for a select people who are ready to do what it takes and commit to meeting their targets. 

Sign me up already!

Now, let's take a look at what the Fully Funded Challenge.

Here is the Weekly breakdown of how the Challenge will run

Week 1 - Getting your Business Ready

  • Here the entire focus is on preparing your business to get the funding you are expecting;

  • You will identify your funding needs from your business goals;

  • You will set a goal to achieve in 90 days

Week 2 - Understand different ways to self-fund your business

  • Internal Funding - Revenues, Efficiencies, Disposals, Diversification, Savings

  • Customer Funding - Direct and Indirect customer funding, Distributor Funding, Supplier Credit, Wholesaling

  • Family & Friends - Discover how to map your network, Pitch to your family & friends.

  • Monetization - Learn how to earn from monetizing your assets, knowledge and experiences

  • Alternative Funding Options - Partnerships, Sponsorships, Cooperatives/Groups, Side Opportunities

  • Practical real life case studies of successful businesses that Bootstrapped their businesses without depending on external funding

Week 3- Get Set, Ready, Go!


  • Set a Funding Target for the 90 days

  • Choose the funding options to help you reach your target

  • Get your Pitch, Contract, Proposal, etc ready

Week 4 - Week 12 - Fundraising


  • Start Execution - Begin your fundraising.

  • Weekly LIVE engagements on journey and Q&A session

  • Get support from fellow Entrepreneurs in the Community

  • Collaborations with fellow Challengers

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I accept this Challenge

Are you ready to join the Challenge?

If you are convinced you need to join the Challenge, then you need to make the following commitments:​

1) To attend the Classes and participate in the Fully Funded Challenge

2) To let go of pre-conceived beliefs about raising funds for business

3) To fully implement some required changes in your business to get it funding ready

4) To be willing to be accountable to a partner

If you are fully committing to the above, then I am excited to invite you to join the Fully Funded Challenge - The biggest and only Funding Challenge that is dedicated to seeing you raise funds for your business, without depending heavily on Grants, Loans and Investments.

Accept the Challenge

That's not all. When you join the Challenge, you will also have access to these Bonuses

Top Grant Opportunities in 2023


With this eBook, you will discover authentic Grants worth over $300million from more than 300 Funders across the world for African businesses.

Video Course - How to manage your Business Finances 

In this video course, you will master how to manage and grow your business finances, as well as how to put the discipline you need to excel. This also comes with a free Business Money Tracker to guide you on your journey

Access to the yet to be launched Ultimate Funding Toolkit worth $200

1) Grant Writing Toolkit to use in writing irresistible Grant Proposals with done-for-you templates

2) Business Loan Toolkit to know what to look out for before accessing a loan

3) Pitch Like a Boss Toolkit to develop a winning pitch deck and elevator pitch

4) Crowdfunding Toolkit to use to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign

Accountability Support

You will receive 90 days support from me and also be paired with an Accountability partner throughout the duration of the Challenge

Group Coaching

Access to premium coaching from Ezinne Nwokafor, the Funding Boss, creator of Funding Square with weekly Live Q&A sessions

To join the Challenge from any part of the world and get access to all the amazing bonuses highlighted, see investment options below:

Pricing 2

Are you ready to finally get funded?

Success does not just happen. You plan for it and then execute it like crazy.

Join the upcoming Fully Funded Challenge to set the stage to witness massive growth in your business in the next 12months.

See you there.

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