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(JANUARY 17-21, 2023)

Let us help you get the funding your business needs in 2023

But first, let me know if this you. You are a CEO/Founder and:

1) You are tired of having dreams/projects with no clear idea how to fund it. 

2) This year was a major struggle and you are ready to record tremendous growth in 2023. 

3) You need absolute clarity and direction on how to fund your business goals and growth. 

4) You are ready to plan how to finally fund your projects, as well as, expansion. 

5) You will like to finally understand what various funders are looking for prior to funding

6) Most importantly, you will like to be extremely clear on how to create the right funding strategies to start and grow your business


If this sounds like you, then I am excited to inform you that the Funding Readiness Workshop is going to help you power up your goals/dreams in 2023!

What is the Workshop all about?

The Funding Readiness Workshop is a dedicated timeout that you will focus on getting your business ready to receive the funding it needs to start and grow in 2023

It is a 5-day intense funding readiness and planning Workshop. It is completely hands-on and you can join in from anywhere you are. To be specific, you will get or learn the following:

1) A review of your business model, how you make money, your cost streams, value proposition and structures. It starts from here

2) Understand various financial structures and documents to put in place as you get ready for funding

3) Determine your funding needs to start, operate, and expand your business

4) Review of 10 major funding options to discover the ones that are best suited for you

5) Plan your funding based on your funding needs  and the best fit funding options, using our FundPlan template 

6) Discover how to turn your customers into investors

7) Understand how to borrow from friends and families the right way

8) Learn how to launch a profitable crowdfunding campaign

9) Understand what Banks are looking for and position your business

10) Explore alternative lending options to traditional banks and how to access them

11) Guaranteed strategies to bootstrap your business to start and grow

12) How to make your business and projects irresistible to funders

13) How to ensure your business runs successfully without you


At the end of this Workshop, you will have a clear Blueprint on how you will fund your business/projects this year.

Let's take a look at what the Workshop will look like.

Let's explore what will be covered in 3 days

Day 0 (Pre-Workshop)

Before we start the Workshop, there are things you need to get ready:

1) Prepare/Finalize your 12months business goals using our Goal Planning Template

2) Understand your funding gap/needs from your goals using our Funding Gap Template

Day 3 ( How to raise funds from Investors

1) Understand different startup stages and investments options

2) Angel Investment Vs venture Capital

3) Where to find investors for your business

4) How to turn customers to investors

5) Partners and Co-Founders

Day 6-19 (Two weeks post Workshop Support)

1) Receive post-Workshop support to help you as you prepare to get funding

2) You have support from me for 2 weeks.

Day 1 (Let's review your business model)

1) Evaluate how you make money and how you spend it

2) Understand and communicate what makes your business unique

3) Review your business structures and goals

4)Funding Readiness test

Day 4 (Strategies to Bootstrap and raise funds from Family & Friends)

1) Discover creative ways to bootstrap (self-finance) your business without external funding

2) Raise funds through monetizing your knowledge and assets

3) Successful ways to raise funds from Family & friends

Day 2 (Loans, Lease and alternative lending)

1) Understand various types of loans available to different business stages

2) Discover what lenders are looking for

3) What to consider before choosing a loan

4) Explore various alternative lending to traditional banks

Day 5 (Crowdfunding, Grants & Funding Plan)

1) Understand how to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign

2) All about Grants and tips to writing irresistible Grant Proposal

3) Plan your funding for 2023 using the FundPlan template

Anchor 1

Who should attend the Workshop

The Funding Readiness Workshop has been designed to cater to business owners at different growth stages, including:

1) Startup business (whether at idea stage, development stage or launch stage)

2) Growing Businesses - Businesses between 5-10 years of existence

3) Established businesses - Businesses with over 10 years of existence

You will also have access to these Bonuses

Top Grant Opportunities in 2023


With this eBook, you will discover authentic Grants worth over $300million from more than 300 Funders across the world for African businesses.

Free Access to the yet to be launched Ultimate Funding Toolkit, which includes:

1) Grant Writing Toolkit to use in writing irresistible Grant Proposals with done-for-you templates

2) Business Loan Toolkit to know what to look out for before accessing a loan

3) Pitch Like a Boss Toolkit to develop a winning pitch deck and elevator pitch

4) Crowdfunding Toolkit to use to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign

5) Business Money Tracker - A worksheet to track expenses, sale, invoices and inventory

2-Weeks Post-Workshop Support

At the end of the Workshop, you will join the Post-Workshop Group, where we will still be available to responds to questions. You will also have the opportunity of learning from fellow Entrepreneurs' journeys as they kick off their funding campaign.

Group Coaching


Access to premium coaching from Ezinne Nwokafor, the Funding Boss, creator of Funding Square in the Post Workshop with Live Q&A sessions on Saturdays with Replay available to those unable to attend. 

You will get access to the entire Workshop and the Bonuses at a highly discounted rate. This is our very first Funding Readiness Workshop. The fees will increase from subsequent sessions.

Pricing 2

Are you ready to finally get funded?

Success does not just happen. You plan for it and then execute it like crazy.

Join us in this upcoming Funding Readiness Workshop to set the stage to witness massive growth in your business in the next 12months.

See you there.

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