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[Bootcamp] Grant Writing Like a Boss

The Grant Writing Like a Boss Bootcamp is what you need if you desire to become a Professional Grant Writer OR to discover how to monetize your Grant Writing Skills. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a Pro, we will take you from the beginner's level to the Pro level.

You will be taught by our leading faculty with over 10 years experience in Grant Writing and Fundraising. Let's dig in further.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

The GWLB Bootcamp is specifically for those looking to:

  • Get clarity on how to write Grant Proposals and understand Request for Proposals

  • Understand exactly how to research, find and identify Funders for your business

  • Learn how to prepare businesses to be ready for Funding

  • Learn how to develop a well organized budget

  • Learn how to approach your proposal from the Funders perspective 

  • Understand what makes a compelling Pitch

  • Learn how to monetize your Grant Writing Skills and begin to earn more income.

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How is the Bootcamp Structured?

The GWLB Bootcamp holds every March and October. It is structured as a six weeks Bootcamp.


Week One  - Focus is on understanding what Grants are about, the Funders Mindset, Getting into the Grant Mindset and getting ready with your funding strategy. We will also dig deep into where to find funding for your business. 

Week Two - Here, we will focus intently on understanding the different components of a Grant Proposal, Grant Budget, as well as understanding a typical Request for Proposal


Week Three - This week our focus is typically on writing the Grant Proposal for  a business, peer reviews of proposals, as well as engagements of different case studies of proposals that were successfully funded.

Week Four - This week is all about monetizing your newly acquired skills and learn exactly how to make money from your skill (locally and globally). How to attract your first clients. We will also be looking at the various bonus courses on Pitch like a Boss and Creative ways to fundraise for your business

Week Five & Six - These last two weeks will be dedicated finalizing your proposal and submitting for final review by the senior faculty. Upon completion, students will receive Certificate of completion from Funding Square

What should you expect at the end of the Bootcamp?

​Imagine learning a completely new and lucrative skill in 6 weeks and start earning within a month!!

  • Become a Certified Grant Writer once you complete the projects and Assignments.

  • If you run a business, use this skill to apply for funding yourself and win funding for your projects 

  • Join the private and exclusive Grant Writing Facebook Community and stay in touch with other Professional Grant Writers, share resources, partner on projects, etc

  • Instantly become one of my Grant Writers at Funding Square, where we receive frequent requests to write requests, above $300 for each request 

  • Learn how to land your first 100 clients, build a sustainable relationship and network and start winning. You can actually get the cost of your course in just one gig plus more. 

  • Create a new income stream for yourself, whether as a Side hustle to complement your current 9-5 job, full time business or just income to bootstrap your current business 

  • Learn a Skill for Life. You can earn income by teaching others as well as developing digital products. 

  • Know exactly where to position yourself and list your services to start receiving requests from across the world (Australia, US, UK, Nigeria, etc. No boundaries whatsoever.

Testimonials from past students

Victoria Edikan

I had only a head knowledge of what Grant Writing was...But I tell you that these 4 weeks of the GWLB Bootcamp has been so intense. It was also educating.  Not only this, but also some extra bonuses from our main boss. Thank you so much Ma. I can't wait to apply all I have learnt

Udoka Nwokorie

Wow! I was part of the Bootcamp and it was soooo amazing. My wealth of knowledge regarding grant writing proposals is on another level. I'm so good to go and I'm looking forward to earning some good income from this. Thank you Ma'am for such an excellent delivery and your in-depth knowledge of Grant Writing. What more can I say, I'm now a BOSS in this field

Olawale Lasore

Great experience during the Bootcamp. The elements needed to have a successful grant application was well explained in the simplest way possible. It was a great experience for me and an added advantage for my future plans.

GWLB Basic

  • Master the art of writing irresistible Grant Proposals that get funded

  • Master the art of using storytelling and narratives to hook the Reviewers

  • Position your new Grant Writing skill to start earning like a boss as a Freelancer. 

  • Write and Submit your Proposal for Peer Review

  • Participate in Peer Review of Grant Proposals 

  • Group Coaching in the Group for 6 weeks

  • You will have access to all the bonus materials, classes and workbooks 

  • Get Access to the Grant Writing Community

  • Excludes Professional review of proposal and Certification


  • Everything in GWLB Basic

  • Professional review of your Proposal (with up to 2 reviews within the allotted period in the Bootcamp)  

  • Certification - You will become a Certified Grant Writer when you meet the pass score

  • Become one of our Grant Writers in Funding Square


  • Everything in GWLB Pro

  • One-on-One Coaching with our Founder in your business or organization to be funding ready. She will also guide you to launch your business as a Grant Writer.

Payment Plans
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