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The Ultimate Grant Mastery Course 

This is the only course that will turn you into a Grant Writing Boss. It contains major resources, training and tools you need to find, write and win Grant funding for your business.


Who should sign up? 


✔If you want to attract and win funding for your business 


✔If you have tried to apply to several funding opportunities with little or no success 

✔If you are wondering where to start from, but really need funding for your business 

✔You are Startup/NGO looking for ways to fund your business. 

If this is you, then you need to hurry up and register for the only course you need to watch to level up your funding game. This pack contains the following powerful resources for you

A) The Grant Writing Video course, you will learn:

1️⃣The funding mindset 

2️⃣What Funders want in a project 

3️⃣Why funding proposals are rejected – from the Funders' perspectives 

4️⃣How to present your project to Funders 

5️⃣How to write a winning Grant proposal – 5 significant areas 

B) Grant Proposal Toolkit

This toolkit includes six 'Done-for-you' templates and guides to get you started on your funding journey:

  • Grant Proposal Explainer/Guide


  • Grant Proposal Workbook


  • Grant Writing Checklist


  • How to make your Project more attractive to Funders 


  • Sample Project Budget


  • Sample Letter of Intent 


Now, the most amazing thing is the cost of this Program. I have kept it at a very, very, very (3 times for emphasis) affordable rate to ensure that cost is not a barrier of acquiring the knowledge you need to win.


If you are ready to level up your funding game, then go ahead and register to access this value packed, no-fluffs Grant Mastery Course. 

It's time to Levelup🚀🚀

Join over 5,000 Entrepreneurs like you to level up your funding game!

Understand the Funders Mindset

Get into the Funders mindset to understand what they are looking out for in proposals. You will clearly understand why proposals are rejected and why others are accepted

Components of a Grant Proposal

Understand how to write an irresistible proposal that gets funded. You will understand the 7 different parts of a Grant Proposal - Executive Summary, Project Description, Organization Description, Sustainability Plan, etc

Tips to Write Winning Proposals

Get tips on how to make your proposal and project attractive to funders, understand various ways to make writing your Proposal effective and things to avoid in your Funding Proposal

What exactly is the Ultimate Grant Mastery Course?

This course is your final bus stop on everything you need to know about writing proposals that gets funded. It breaks down the insight you need step-by-step to ensure you get the knowledge and resources to write Grants that gets funded.

The Course takes you from the beginner level to advance - You can easily become a Pro at the end of this Course. 

The Course contains 5 major Modules, let's break them down:

Module One - The Funding Strategy

In this Module, focus is on getting ready to receive funding.


Before reaching out to any funder, you need to be ready and fundable. Here, you will answer fundamental questions about your business model, management, stakeholders and the Project that you want to receive funding for.


This is the most important step in preparing an irresistible funding proposal. It sets the stage for the rest.

Module Two - Components of a Grant Proposal

In this Module we breakdown various components of a an irresistible Grant Proposal.


Focus Areas include:


  • Executive Summary

  • Problem Statement

  • Project Description

  • Budget

  • Organization Profile


This is the main focus of writing irresistible funding proposals, from clearly stating the problem you are solving to describing the project with the right narratives.

Module Three - How to Make your Project Attractive to Funders

In this Module, our main focus is to bring out key things you need to do to make your proposal irresistible to funders and separate your proposal from the rest.


Main focus is on:


  • Passion and Commitment

  • Unique and viable business model

  • Scalability & Market

  • Relevance to Funders Focus

  • Existing Customers/proof of Concept

  • Structure & Sustainability

  • Clarity of problem statement and Proposed Solution

Module Four - Understanding the Request for Proposal

In this Module, you will go through the various parts of a typical Request for Proposal or Call for Application and how to respond to them.

You will also learn tips and hacks to ensure you stay ahead always, as well as a matrix to follow to ensure you respond to Funders exactly.

The main focus here is to show you how to respond to the various Request for Proposals or Applications you will come across in your funding journey.

Exciting Bonuses

The Ultimate Grant Mastery Course also comes with several unique bonuses including:

Bonus Course - Common Reasons why Funders Turn Down Request - The Funders' Perspective

In this part we will look at the following:


  • Common Mistakes to avoid when writing Grant Proposals


  • 7 key reasons why Funders turn down requests.


Let's see inside!

Bonus Guide - The Ultimate Pitch Guide

The Ultimate Pitch Guide. It includes two powerful tools:


1️⃣ Pitch deck Sample


2️⃣ Pitch Perfect Workbook

Use the Workbook to write your Pitch. Simply edit the boxes with your information using the guides and prompts.


Once you are done with this proceed to prepare your Pitch deck Presentation Slides sing the sample.


No more struggles in coming up with you ideal pitch.


You can do this!

Bonus Toolkit - The Complete Grant Proposal Toolkit

This is the complete Grant Proposal Toolkit you need to prepare a winning Grant proposal.


It includes the following templates and Guides:


1️⃣ Grant Proposal Workbook - Simply edit sections with your information


2️⃣ Grant Proposal Guide - This takes you through step by step on different areas of Grant Proposals from getting ready to pitching


3️⃣ Sample Proposal Budget - A complete done for you budget template with detailed guide and a section for budget narration. Simply edit and the worksheet will calculate every other thing for you.


4️⃣ Sample letter of Intent - This is usually the first letter that Funders request for before asking for a full Grant Proposal


5️⃣ Grant Writing Checklist - Use this to be sure you are ready before submitting your proposal


6️⃣ How to make your project attractive - Use this to package and dress up your proposals to make it irresistible to funders.

Bonus Directory - Funders Directory

Get access to 30 Funding Agencies for African Businesses from across the world. Start your search for Funders from here.

It includes Grants for:

  • Women

  • NGOs

  • Youth

  • Startups

  • Growing Businesses

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