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Get access to Grants worth over $500million for your business/NGO in 2024

Your Search for funding ends here

As an organization, you may have very big dreams of how to move your company forward and impact your community, but one thing is always a challenge, FUNDING - How to fund these dreams and goals.


In a recent study with over 1,000 SMES, 80% of the people interviewed stated funding as the number one challenge to business growth.

The feedback from the Survey further confirmed the fact that resonates across the globe, but mostly for African and developing countries - SMEs lack the required capital to grow their businesses.


Now, what if I gave you access to FREE MONEY worth over N500billion or $500million to start and grow your business or NGO in 2024, will you grab it?


What will this information do for you and your business in 2024?





Imagine it for a moment:

No more wondering where you can find grants (free money) for your startup business/NGO

No more falling prey to scams. Access only REAL opportunities from REAL funders

Limitless access to over 800 Funding Agencies from across the globe

Know available Grants every month and plan your application. No more missing deadlines!

Accessing several deadline-free grants. Now, you can apply at your pace.

Plan your funding for 2024 without worries

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I am excited to inform you that our eGuide on 'Top Grants in 2024' is finally out and ready for purchase.


The Top Grant Funding Opportunities in 2024 is an eGuide of Grants from over 800 funders.


Every year, we research the best funding options for African and developing countries because we know it is difficult for most people.

We have done the job for you. The opportunities are arranged quarterly to help you make the best use of it. All you have to do is  to identify your needs, plan your funding, be sure the funder aligns with your organization, and start applying.

This is the only Guide you need to discover Grants (free money) to fund your projects and businesses in 2024.

What you will see inside the eBook:


A detailed information on over 800 different funding opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Africa and developing economies from funders across the World


Access to Grants worth over $500million/N500billion for your projects


Grants for Startups and Growing businesses; For-Profit and Not-For-Profit, as well as, for different sectors and Industries


Grants arranged quarterly to ensure you never miss a deadline again, as well as, Deadline-free Grants that you can apply for all year round

Are you ready to take charge of your funding journey in 2023?

Then, it's time to take action and give your organization a chance to get the kind of funding it needs to grow in 2023.

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