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Download a FREE Copy of the Get Funded Checklist

Increase your chances of winning Grant funding for your projects with this Free Checklist

Do you sometimes wonder why you apply for Grants and it is not approved?

Have you concluded that Grants are reserved for specific kind of businesses?


Well, I am here to inform you that there is a way to write Proposals that will be irresistible to Funders and significantly increase your chances of winning Grants.


You see, when it comes to Grant Writing, it is not about writing the best proposal alone, but it starts from your foundation, the kind of Funder, the project in question, your budget, submission requirements and so much more.

It starts from the basics. It covers all the various aspects of your application and guides you as you apply. It also includes pro tips from over ten years grant writing experience

This is why I carefully developed this Checklist to help you on your funding journey.

I teach my Clients and Students to use this exact templates when researching and applying for Grants.

The amazing thing is that you will get this entirely for FREE!!!

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